Relax with your business trip.


Are you having a nice cold day? You should be careful not to catch a cold!

Today, I'm going to review my massage after work!

I'm an office worker, so I've been sitting on a chair.

It's a computer-only job.

I have shoulder pain and back pain. crying

Sometimes I come to a bad wall and often

I tend to go to the shop and get a massage.

(Otherwise, the wall is very...)ㅠㅠ)

How was the massage you went to this time?

I'll introduce it to my neighbors:)

After the day's deadline, I drag my tired body home.

I got a call from a friend.

Let's go relieve our stress.

I heard your friend booked a massage.

Thank you, my friend.hahaha

It's really nice to be close to the station for an office worker who left the office.

Otherwise, I'll have to walk on with a hard body. crying

A friend who reserved a 출장안마!

There's an air balloon from Dunsan Spa Shop Massage.

I got a reservation message telling me to park at the Grand Park Tower.

It should've been easier to find.

It was easy to find the banner in front of the building!

There was a megabox nearby, so I went on a movie date on the weekend.go

I think it would be good to get a couple massage and get healing.

The spa is on the third floor.

I took the elevator and it was both doors.

Enjoy healing time with family, lovers, and friends

There were a lot of introductions.

Especially when the sleeping room is three times as big as chatting with friends,

It's not gonna be a pajama party with you, but...

I hope I can enjoy the healing time.

When you enter the entrance,

Which floor is on the left is clearly shown :)

This is the entrance to the spa.

It looks so clean that I feel like I have to take off my shoes. Hahaha

Get ready for a hotel-class premium massage.

Take the elevator to the fourth floor.

I was tired after work and wanted to get a massage quickly. Ha ha.

You should've been in a luxurious spa.

I felt like I was in a hotel for the first time.

It was really luxurious.

The clean and simple interior stands out.

First of all, the boss and the staff are very kind.

It felt like I was being escorted to a luxurious hotel.

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