It's a business trip. It's a business trip.

The massage parlors,

Those who have long experience and skills,

Cool and meticulous from toe to head

You massage me like you're stretching your muscles!

If you've been undergoing treatment before,

I think it's going to come out automatically to say it's really cool.

"How's your massage, Mom?"

"I want it so badly."

I'm gonna tell my mom from time to from time to time.

When I asked, it was cool.

I'm surprised that it's so cool.

I've been taking videos from time to time.

You look like a real robot.

You're doing it with the same strength.

It's really cool.

90 minutes fly by!

Oh my!!!


Starting with a facial massage.

Wash your hair too.

And Stone Aroma Massage.

Go in! I was so surprised.

It's a real Fulke costume!

Like I became a princess.

Just lie down and it's over!

Take a nap. Just!!

It's so cool with my mom.

It was a massage I got it. >_<

I'd like to you.

In areas where massage skills are poor, the front is not good enough.

Or massage too painful to get care of

Your body may be more stiff and stiff than before.

in a massage

Softly where the river/drugs are controlled.

You gave me a massage to give me pain where I need stimulation.

Massage quality is different from other places.

in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere

It's like you're getting a high-quality massage at a low price.

Massage you can get!

If your body is too heavy, unlike usual,

Those of you who had a lot of physical strain from the previous day's excessive movement.

I think it would be good to visit and get some cool care.

Detailed locations below and contacts available for booking and contacting

I'll leave it with you, so please refer to it!

It's a new year, and I'm sure it's all right.

Let's make New Year's resolutions.

I've been on a diet this year.

I can't believe I have to!

I've heard it.

The pants are too much

It was hard...!

I've gained a lot of weight.

Actually, a friend near my house was walking around.

There's a good massage.

to be consulted and cared for in person.

I got it!

And now we have a New Year's Eve event.

I don't know if you're interested.

If you do, visit in January.

I recommend you to come.

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