I was relieved of my fatigue with a business trip massage.

When I walked in, there was a disinfectant certificate and a thermometer.

Isn't it really important during the Corona period these days?

Bring your forehead to the meter, and the temperature will come out.

Special discounts at the spa,

I've noticed a weekly/gan/large/special discount.

I'll choose a full-body tie.

Next time, I'll try to get more special discounts.

It's open 24 hours a day 365 days.

I'll have to make a reservation next time.

After checking the temperature, there's a shoe rack for women and men.

You can change and go to the changing room!

Before I went, I looked around the interior. ~

At the spa,

Like a luxury spa shop, the special service Styler styles customers' clothes.Yes~

So I left my clothes with my friend.

They sell flat bills at the spa.

Fatigue discounted pig~Haha

Very neat interior:)

I'm going to try to create a woody atmosphere more comfortable.

It feels like doing something~

Actually, I like the wood feeling. Laughing.

inside out

It has to be luxurious and divided into hotel-style.

The interior is really neat.

The props fit the Thai atmosphere.

It should have been on display.

You can drink a variety of tea or coffee.

Let's go to the fitting room.

We need ice cream for snack time.

It's amazing. You can drink coffee and tea.

If I introduce the spa, I would like to introduce the natural handmade soap of Thailand.

I give it to you as a gift.Yes~

Oh, what a place like this.

If you go into the women's locker room, you'll find a personal locker.

There's clothes on the right. ~

They come in various sizes, small, medium, large, and large.

I think anyone can come and take care of it :)

Air antibacterial devices must be installed in the snack time area.

more sensitive by the coronation

Even at social distance.

Air purifier for every 출장안마

It's working, so it's even more rude.

It's clean and fresh air keeps circulating.

You can apply it when you get out of your clothes.

Please show me around. Haha

The temperature of the water allows me to control it.

It's good to be able to control it if you want to make it warmer:)

My feet are so cold.

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