I'm comfortable at home on a business trip.

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For your information, before moving to the control room,

It's best to keep your phone in the cabinet as much as possible!

I asked for your understanding in advance and got consent to take a

picture, so I hope you don't make a mistake. Haha

I'm asking because I love keeping records like this.

Thank you for allowing me to...

Anyway, I really liked the bed because it was hotter than I expected.

It breaks down the fat with high frequency, and it's Ende Moloji.

To the lymph circulation!It's very satisfying after management.

He did it.Both elasticity and farming. Skin elasticity.

Of course, you can expect a change of figure.

There is.

It's made up of professional estheticians.

You can get more satisfactory care.

I was supposed to take the D-Stone course.

It was a pity that there was no comparison since it was the first time,

I was really satisfied with this in itself.

Gently untie the clump.

It's said to make it easier to break down fat.

With a slimming mask that feels hot.

It helps blood circulation. It helps with toxins in the body.

I want you to get rid of the wastes.

That's why it's only good for keeping in shape.

Not just magic slime, but health.

It was a program that took care of people.

If you go on a diet too much,

It's not good for your health, but your skin.

It's very dry.

It could be bad. Like this.

Promoting metabolism, accelerating toxins.

It's good for your skin as well.

No, I'm here for slimming.

How many benefits are there? lol

What's Stone Management at first?

And a rock really appeared.

It's not just a common type of stone, so it's said to select a single stone.

When I looked it up afterwards, the stones were really divided according to their usage.

It's amazing, and it's my first time to experience it, and it's full of good feelings.

It's left. Hahaha.

The more I get body care like a 출장안마,

I think the line is getting slimmer.

I feel light and refreshed, too refreshing.

I guess I have to lose weight. lol

Are there any inconveniences during the management?

Ask him about what he needs to focus on.

You gave it to me, but the technique is good, and I know it.

I'd like to ask you a special favor.

There wasn't even one.

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