Holic known for his good business trip.

Customer card that you asked me to fill out while being sarcastic.

Fill in the uncomfortable areas and massage around them.

I think they do it for me. Haha

Another attraction to Massage Spa.

It's a jet spa!

There's a couple discount and there's a spa and a tie with Ohm.

The massage parlors' certificates were hanging on the wall.

The massage parlors.

They're all national certified masseurs with over 2,000 hours of training.

I was looking forward to your introduction. hehe

It was so nice to have a place to watch TV and take a shower while doing a spa.Hey~

I got a double room in a big room. Haha

Maybe if you get a couple massage, you'll see two of them side-by-side.

I think they let me receive it.

There are couples, but there are also 4 people rooms because they come with their families.

And as expected, you can watch TV.

Where's the uncomfortable place with the massage parlor?

Tell me where you want me to focus.

They gave me a massage with more emphasis.

Of course, my shoulders and back.... ㅠㅠ

They're all official state-authorized massage parlors!

You really pressed the blood cells and gave me a massage.

It hurt but it felt really cool when I came back!

You know, I've been on a 출장안마, and I've been talking about this and that.

They made me feel comfortable. Haha.

I have cold hands and feet, and I always have a lot of course.

You have to do this when you do that, why, and so on.

It was nice of you to explain the direction of improvement.

It's a gown that you wear when you get an aroma massage.

It's neatly arranged and hung.

After 60 minutes of massage, we had 10 minutes of pebbles.

For the pebbles, the massage parlors go out and relax alone.

You can get it:)

If you think it's been a while, you can leave the room.

You can go to the dressing room.

I didn't urge you to come out on time. Haha

There are times when you fall asleep without realizing it.

The sleeping blanket that we prepared for that time.

You don't have to pay to sleep separately.Yes~

You can sleep well while relaxing your whole body.^^

The disposable underwear you'll wear when you get an aroma massage.

We prepared separate antimicrobial deodorization.

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