Have a healing time with your business trip massage today.

At the spa, we're going to have a systematic approach.

I thought I was in charge of counseling.

And you're filling out this call chart.

You're kind enough to listen to my problems.

Give and manage methods or programs

You're gonna explain the way it goes.

The call has been made!

If you get it through a program,

You'll be free to consult.

I think so. I've been doing a lot of this and that.

I asked and consulted, and they were kind.

I'm sure the manager can make it easier for you to understand.

He explained it to me.

The foot bath you can see in front of you!

Just looking at it made my feet feel warm and comfortable.

I wanted to change my clothes and get a massage.

I'm exhausted and tired every day from parenting - massage is a must!

I found out during the consultation.

Every month,

It's more reasonable in progress.

The big advantage of being able to pay at a price!

Well, I think the care that's going on in the spa is...

One-on-one care is a burden

I don't know if you're ready to go.

And then the promotional products were really, really.

He's out there, so I'll keep an eye on these products.

I thought it would be good to buy a ticket.

There's also a cash discount event.

Fatigue relief course 30,000 won for feet, calves, necks and shoulders

Back and waist is 35,000 won.

30,000 won? Wow, the price is really good. 30 minutes, 15 minutes, like this.

I go in and take a foot bath, but this price is the best.

There's separate postpartum care for pregnant women and full-body aromatherapy.

There is also a pain relief course.

To get a full-fledged 출장안마

I moved to my room.

A single-person room is the latest developments.

It was a perfect configuration.

I get care in a private room.

It's definitely comfortable and carefree.

It's nice. Especially narrow like these days.

The fact that people are stuck in the space

I have to avoid it. I'm worried about something.

No, but at the spa,

Everyone's in a private single room.

You can't help but come. You can't help it.

Configuration. Air purifier in room.

He's going back, and he's been in control all the time.

I was able to receive it comfortably and electrically.

You know, I've been keeping clothes and stuff in my closet.

It was perfect!

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