Business trip massage. Small business trip massage.

First of all, we take turns to get counseling before we proceed.

It is carried out by filling out a simple questionnaire.

Questionnaires aren't difficult and complicated.

We're going to briefly look into the latest conditions, skin conditions.

I don't know if he's troubled or allergic.

Are you sensitive? You can adjust it by talking about these parts.

The various programs are customized 1:1 so the consultation is meticulous.

I heard that you're going to do it.

Clearing the lower body line

It's a sure program. Ha ha.

Smoothly smooth through every nook and cranny.

I felt refreshed thanks to you.

It helps with slimming.

This is the only way to relieve stress.

I don't think there's any maintenance.

What course are you going to use during the call?

You can choose which product you want to use, etc.

In the end of the then moved into the dressing room, and through To change clothes.

I was able to get a 출장안마.

For your information, the products you chose during the consultation will be programmed.

If you're satisfied, you can buy it separately.

It would be good to know.

I also bought one because I have a product that I like, but I'm using it well. hehe

Especially high frequencies and eda moloni.

Disassemble the cellulite!

Find all the fat you've been hiding it.

We're going to make sure that it's tight.

It makes the line smooth.

Most of the time, when you're fat, your belly or your butt.

It's on the side, but... My arms.

Especially, the inside of the arm gets fat and moist.

It's falling down.

If there's a lot of cellulite in this part,

You look like you have thick arms.

It doesn't bother me.

And from the shoulder to the back.

If you gain weight... You know, underwear marks.

I'll never wear anything that's so obvious.

I can't wear it.

But you have to choose either the whole body or the upper body/lower body.

It's even better to be managed.

Just select what you want to focus on.

You can do it. Haha.

I chose the lower body, but you're worried.

Select the area and do it!!

Actually, it's my first time getting a full-fledged massage.

I was very nervous.

The good news is that it's 1:1 in a private, independent space.

I've been trying to take care of it.

I liked being able to relax.

There's a single room available.

Depending on the number of people who visit together, you can use a double or multi-person room.

If you come with your friends, but you want to use a single room,

I could have used it like that!

I don't think there was any inconvenience to use because it seemed like they thought of convenience in many ways.

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