Business trip massage. Today as well, business trip massage.

The spa I went to

Famous celebrities use it often.

Let's do it~ Stores in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do Province

I already have about 17 of them.

It was that kind of place.

I looked ahead and found out that all the facilities and programs

I'm looking forward to it because there are so many compliments about it.

It's done!

Just for your information, massages are unconditional.

Just because it's on a pre-booking basis,

I have a big reservation about two weeks ago.

I visited you after!

They run it on a pre-booking basis.

You must make a reservation and visit!

These days, Coronaro members have been working on it.

selectively restricted personnel

He said he'd take it!

So, just in case the reservation was interrupted,

I'm afraid I'll have to be thoroughly relaxed.

I have a reservation.

I like to get a massage.

I got a massage today as well.

I can't get far from home because I have a baby, so I'm searching for a place nearby

It was my first time.

It was really a satisfying place for the price.

I'm finally getting my hands on the massage.

The day I get it...!

I'm looking forward to it, and I'm excited.

He said! I went in there and found out that it was very subtle.

Lighting and modern interior decoration.

It's perfect for you~ Premium luxury spa.

I could feel the atmosphere of the brand.~

Where this kind of consideration comes from, the interior decoration?

I've seen a lot of tacky places.

출장안마 From the very beginning,

It felt different even if it was different.

And there were many different kinds of programs.

Facial care, sea care, prenatal care,

Postpartum care, wedding care, and so on.

It was here.

I'm done with quarantine due to corona, and as soon as I get in, hand sanitizer, temperature check.

And through qr code input, I was able to check the visitors once in a while.

It's really nice to be able to take care of it with confidence even though it's a corona.

Especially in the corona situation as it is now.

Cleanliness and peace of mind.

We're doing a thorough hygiene program!

That's why I'm asking you to make a reservation.

One, regular, professional company.

Disinfection of customers and employees, people.

Thermal temperature check, post-care management room,

Disinfection is also a tool say.

All the staff members are wearing masks.

And all the appliances were thorough.

I believe you're doing sanitation.

There must be.

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