Business trip massage No. 1 business trip massage

At the spa,

This clean-set European power plant

The latex bed was especially good!

It's about 20 centimeters thick.

I liked it because it was thick and comfortable.

The combination of Hungarian goose wool quilt

It's a perfect sleep-inducing experience.

It was a combination.

Individual adjustment is possible in four stages.

Body type covers, pregnant parts.

They say you can receive it comfortably.

This place is where you get care after taking a foot bath.

Lie down on your bed, take care of it, lie down again, and get a foot massage.

It's a place where you can sleep because the bed is wide and comfortable.

There's a new towel all over it's all right?

It could be used hygienically.

And just looking at the bedding, I could feel it.

We're gonna use white bedding.

If there's dust or stains on it,

I could see it with my naked eyes.

At the spa,

Use one sheet per person as a rule.

They use disposable sponges.

I don't think I've ever seen this kind of cleanliness.

You have to be meticulous in massages.

It was being managed.

This was the place where I was taken care of inside. telegraphic management, etc.

I could have taken care of it inside.

The Therapist is doing a good job hygienically.

I took a rest because you did it for me. Haha.

출장안마 I don't know if it's because of the program.

It's a satisfactory.

The Therapist was also the best!!

Clean up cellulite, which was the biggest problem.

It circulates well, so the swelling goes away.

And I think it's been a long time since I've slimmed down.

He showed up.

And I took a warm foot bath first.

It was so hot at the moment, but as it got warmer, I felt like my fatigue was relieved.

I feel good even if my feet are this warm!

It's so cold outside these days, but it's warm and nice to take a foot bath, so I fell asleep.

And I got treatment lying on the bed.

The teacher told me about the bad parts of my shoulders, neck, and back.

She took care of it. You're making me feel comfortable.

The bad part hurts a little bit. I'm still in my 20s. ㅜㅜ

If I leave it like this, I think I'll be in big trouble later.

I'll have to come here sometime. You know, the fact that there's a part of it that hurts when you do this.

It made me cry. Relaxing your body once in a while is connected to your health! Sounds perfect.

I received it comfortably and I'm going home.

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